Thursday, December 31, 2020

FREE January Desktop Organizer

Happy New Year!
These desktop organizers come in s sizes. If you're not sure which size your computer screen is, just Google the type and model number and you should be able to find it.
Just right click to save to your files.




Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Happy New Year! FREE January Phone Wallpapers

 Happy New Year!

To download these January themed phone wallpapers, right click and add to your photo library. Then use your phone's settings to add a wallpaper image to your phone.

Happy 2021!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

FREE December Desktop Screen Organizers


I have a couple more desktop organizers you might like to download. They are appropriate for the time of year and I'm sure will get you in the groove of the season! They definitely help me to keep my otherwise messy array of files in order!

There are 3 different sizes: 16:9, 16:10, and 4:3 so plug into the Google machine and put your computer model and make in to find out what ratio screen size you have if you don't already have that info. Then just copy and paste and save to your screen. 😍







Wednesday, December 2, 2020


 You've got the GIFs but you want to do some different things with them. We've compiled a few help pages to give you some assistance and to help you on your way to making resources that will shine!

GIFs can be used in your classroom with your students. You can place them directly into your programs when using them this way.
GIFs can be used on some platforms commercially. 
GIFs can be placed directly into Boom Cards when using them commercially. No need to change them to MP4s because they are secure on this platform.
You can use GIFs in YouTube videos and your own MP4 videos.

You can download the information in this blog here:

Strangely, my GIFs have now started playing automatically when I insert them into a slide. The box that the GIF is in also has an option that allows me to play and pause the GIF.
If your GIF stops and starts, it's something to do with your Powerpoint program. Things to try:
  • update your Powerpoint (if not the latest version)
  • shut down your computer and restart (strangely this sometimes works!)
  • Update your computer's operating system to the latest version
  • Insert the image the proper way (file > insert image)

Changing the GIFs to an MP4 is a condition of the terms of use when using the GIFs commercially. This gives our images and your investment an extra layer of security.

You might want to separate the images into still PNG images and you can do that by using is your friend!
The resulting images are PNG format with transparent background (if you do it correctly!) They will not be as high resolution as the images from our standard sets but they are enough to use in your digital programs.
*Please note: the terms of use still applies to any images you convert to still PNG versions

Some platforms have a file size limit. For example, Boom Cards allows up to 300KB. 
GIFs can be pretty big depending on the amount of detail and images in a sequence. 
While we offer two versions (a large, higher resolution and small, web ready (under 300KB) gif in each set, it's possible you might want to make the GIF even smaller so that it will play properly on the platform you want to use it on.
Here's how to resize them:

Educlips GIFS are created on a transparent background. They are set to play on a continuous loop and at a set speed. 
You might want to slow them down or speed them up. You can do that by following these directions:

You may wish to slow down or speed up a GIF.
Here's how you can do that:

You can add GIFs directly to your Google Slides for personal use or to use in your own classroom with your students.
It is not permitted to add them directly to Google slides for commercial use though. You would need to convert them to an MP4 first before using them commercially in Google products. (See the information below this section).

If you want to use the GIFs commercially in GOOGLE product, you must convert the GIF to MP4 first. We don't recommend using them commercially in GOOGLE products as they don't all accept MP4s directly. The quality is also diminished when using them this way. 
Google Slides only allows you to create links to the MP4, which is obviously not ideal. 
If the GIFs do not have this extra layer of protection, you are essentially giving them away, which is not permitted under the terms of use. They take a ton of work so giving them away is not good for us or for your investment.
If you want to add them to Google Slides, follow these directions:

I hope this helps you on your creative journey!
If you have suggestions or even a better way of doing things, I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

FREE December Themed Phone Wallpapers

To download these December themed phone wallpapers, right click and add to your photo library. Then use your phone's settings to add a wallpaper image to your phone.
Happy December!