Thursday, October 3, 2019

Extra Spinners for Math Spinner sets

Here are a few extra spinners to add to any math spinner sets.

Copy and paste the circles to your document. Resize as needed.




Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Seller Design Kit - Ideas for Use

This new collection of design pieces has just been posted for only $1 for a limited time! So if you have been interested in becoming a seller and didn't know where to start, this pack is for you! There's also a lot for established sellers too!
You may be wondering what you can do with a set like this. Well, here are a few ideas for ways to use these images:

Below, I have used the flower faces digital paper (in turquoise) and added the frame . I also couldn't resist adding the flower face at the bottom of the page! It's bright, bold and is perfect for a spring/summer themed product or folder cover.

Balloon images are always a fun way to cheer up some text and could be used for invitations as well as classroom celebration notifications.

The selection of clipart corners is pretty versatile and can be used in a few ways. They can be placed in different corners of a page: all four corners, two opposing corners or even just one corner. 

In this example, I have copied and rotated the bottom graphic and placed a smaller version of the same design in the opposite corner of the page

The spring themed colored speech bubbles can be placed alongside clipart characters and with text inside them to show thoughts and/or speech. The speech bubbles can also be placed over photos.
Don't forget, these speech/thinking bubbles also come in black and white as do all of the graphics included in this pack.

These brightly colored round circle frames can be used with text and images so they are super versatile.
The motifs for the year are great for adding a little interest to a banner
or as a postcard image:
The motifs can also be used as counters for classroom games or to label resources which focus on certain times of the year.
The motifs were designed for Christmas, Halloween, spring showers, (fall) sunflower, spring (flower), winter (snowflake), shamrock (St Patrick's day), pumpkin (Halloween/Thanksgiving), heart (Valentines Day), flowers (Mothers day), Easter egg, apple (back to school).

I'd love to see what you create with these! 
Don't forget to tag us @educlipsdesign on our Instagram page and show us!

Like the fonts I used in conjunction with my designs? I used the awesome fonts 

Monday, January 14, 2019


If you would like this image of a girl wearing red in support of teachers, feel free to copy and paste this to your documents. 
(Terms of use applies to this graphic)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Be Kind Clip (Free)

Feel free to grab this little girl who is reminding us of this important message: be kind.
(Terms of use applies)
(Copy and paste the images and transfer to your document)

This image shows the process (just for fun!)

Black and white image

Color image