Wednesday, March 21, 2018


These picture fonts are available in Educlips stores. They provide an alternative way of creating resources using pictures. But instead of being in clipart files, you can just type the images out from your computer.

If you have never used these types of fonts before, try this FREE set and play around with it to see if it will work for you:

Sometimes, you may need to restart your computer after installing a font to clear the cache.
You can find more info about installing together with videos on the product page.

Simply install the picture font and when you tap your letter keys, the images will come out instead of letters.
In all of these sets, the images are on the capital letter keys.

But what can you do with them?
Here are some ideas:

Create quick counting printables by typing out the desired number of images (I hit one key multiple times to get the number of bees I wanted).

Alternate keys and create patterns:

These arrows are from the 'arrows picture font'. I typed out a single arrow multiple times to create a longer arrow design.

Make the font size larger to increase the size of the image and smaller to decrease it:

Some sets have word art in them. This is from the 'Earth Day Picture Font' set. Just hit the key that the word is represented by. I just hit the letter F to get this word.

-Have fun with the pictures and make the font images different colors and set them on color backgrounds or just use them for students to color.

These are just a few ways to use the fonts. I hope this gives you some good ideas.