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How To Create A Quick and Simple Special Occasion Poster As A Gift

It was my tenth wedding anniversary and I had been looking around for something meaningful to give to my husband to commemorate the ten years we have spent being married. After much pondering, I decided to create a poster using the words that would mean the most to him. It came out rather well and I got to thinking that this was such a simple process (if you know how to use Powerpoint or a similar program), that anyone could do it. You don't have to be an artist or a designer to create it. Plus it took only 30 minutes altogether!
Here's what you need to make a poster like this:

  • Use of a computer program such as Powerpoint
  • access to some clipart
  • printer
  • white photo paper or plain white paper
  • frame

First, I brainstormed all the words I could think of, which related to our journey over the last ten years: where we got married, where we took our honeymoon, kids' names etc. You get the general idea, right?

In Powerpoint, I went to FILE>PAGE SETUP and changed the view to 'portrait'. I then went to the TEXT box and put the text box into my page.

From there, I selected a font to use. I love KG font's 'ALL OF ME', which you can find in the KG store HERE. I played around with the size of the lettering so each line is different, making it a little more interesting. But you could go from small at the top to large at the bottom, large at the top to gradually smaller at the bottom or whatever you like. It's worth playing around with the letter sizes to see what works best for you.

I put a space and a star between each line of words. I also chose between 1 and 5/6 words to put on each line, where they related closely to each other.

To make sure they are evenly spaced and span the whole line, I used the 'DISTRIBUTE TEXT' tab shown below:

Adding one single colorful clip art accent gives the black and white a thrust of color so I added a little heart button from the Valentine Doodles Set at (Where else, of course?!)

After I had printed it out, I placed it into a frame. This one is a white frame but of course, it would look great in black, or another color too:

And that's it! 

If you try this, and you want to put a link in the comments, I'd love to see what you created!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Watch 'The Bachelorette' and win a $100 Educlips Gift Certificate

Do you watch 'The Bachelorette'? If so, it's time for you to enter this Instagram contest! 

All you have to do is guess which bachelor the bachelorette will choose. You need to be a follower of Educlips on Instagram to enter.

First place winner gets $100 gift certificate to the Educlips store, 2nd place gets $50 and 3rd place gets $25. To enter, fill out the form. 

The winners will be notified after the final rose ceremony but the contest closes on SUNDAY, JUNE 21st so enter asap to be in with the chance to win. Good luck!

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New Sets Posted: Tweens Readers & Build A Bunting

These 2 sets are new in Educlips stores today:

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Freebie Friday

This woman is on the news every time I switch on at the moment. She's an interesting character but love her or hate her, I thought it was time I drew her! So here she is! And you can grab her here at the Educlips store.

Happy Freebie Friday!