Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to print out clipart images using Powerpoint Video

Using Powerpoint is a great way to create colorful, attractive printables.

When I first started creating classroom printables, I was using Microsoft WORD. It was really tough to move the images around and just didn't behave as I wanted it to. Using Powerpoint was much easier and now I use it all the time, for pretty much everything. It's versatile and does what I need it to do.

Here's a video about printing out your clipart images via Powerpoint. It's really for those who are new to using graphics and shows you how to transfer your images from downloaded files into your documents.

Candy Contest Answer

Congratulations to Angela who got the closest guess in the Candy Contest. There were 171 candies altogether.
Your gift certificate is on its way over to your inbox.

It was a tough one because the container was rectangular and it was photographed from one side.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Candy Contest Update and Witch's Wand

The Candy Contest is still going until midnight EST so there's time to enter if you want to win a $25 gift certificate to the Educlips Store. CLICK HERE to go to the details for this contest.

Halloween is not too far away so here's a witch's wand for those who are in need of one! It will go well the recent 'Witch and Friends' clip art set. 

Just right click, copy and paste to grab it:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Educlips Giveaway Week - Day 5 - Candy Contest & Freebie Friday!

Well, today is the last day of Giveaway Week here at Educlips. It sure has been fun!
There is a chance to win another Educlips gift certificate for $25 to use at the

All you have to do, is guess how many candies are in the jar....

When you have decided, just pop your answer in this FORM.
Submit one answer per person, please.
You'll have 2 days to enter so there is some time to have a good think about it.
**Perfect for a moment of procrastination!!**

Today is also Freebie Friday, so don't forget to grab your free graphic from the Educlips store.
This week it's all about World Smile Day, which falls on the first Friday of October (October 3rd this year).

Grab it HERE

We have a winner of the Day 3 Pinterest Scavenger Hunt!

Number 107: LISETTE was chosen by our random number generator. 
A $25 Educlips Gift Certificate is on its way to your inbox.

Have a great Friday!

New sets - Thanksgiving Family, African American Family & Winter Clothes

Available in featured products at EDUCLIPS STORE


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 4 - Educlips Giveaway Week - Freebie

Today, I have another freebie for you to download. If you downloaded the 'Trick Or Treat' set from Day 2, then this can be used to compliment that.
Just click on the image below to grab the graphics.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Pinterest Scavenger Hunt yesterday. There's still time if you want to have a go. The winner will be announced on Day 5.

Just CLICK HERE to go to the details for DAY 3.

Have a great day and's almost Friday!! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Educlips Giveaway Week - Day 3 - Scavenger Hunt

It's Day 3! 

there is a super easy scavenger hunt. 
I know it's mid week and everyone is busy, busy, busy!
I'll try to make this short and sweet so feel free to take part if you have the time and the inclination. 
You can win a $25 gift certificate and you will have 48 hours to enter. 

All you have to do is:

1. Head over to this Pinterest Freebies Made with Educlips Graphics page. 
2. Have a quick scan through it and find any Fall themed product.
3. Record the title of the fall themed product in this FORM (CONTEST NOW CLOSED)

And that's it!
A winner will be randomly selected by the contest judge on Thursday.


If you want to pin a product you have created (using Educlips graphics) on the Educlips Pinterst Boards, please leave your details HERE and you will be invited to the Freebie and Paid products boards via email. You will need to be following the boards before you can be added. 

The winner of 'Guess the Weight Of The Husband Contest' (from Day 1) is

'More Than Math'

The winning answer was 223lbs. 
There were 4 people with the correct answer and one person was selected at random by the contest judge, (Evie, aged 4).
A $25 gift certificate is on its was to your inbox!

Thanks everyone for playing!

New Sets: South East Native Americans & Morning Message

Monday, September 22, 2014

Day 2 Trick Or Treat Freebie!

It's day 2 of Educlips Giveaway Week!

Yesterday, we guessed the weight of the husband. (He's a good sport!)
Thanks to everyone who offered a guess. You were extremely kind and now my husband is feeling a bit too pleased with himself!!
The answer will be published tomorrow (Wednesday) along with the winning entry. There's still time to enter if you haven't already done so.
Click HERE to go enter the Day 1 Contest.

Today, there is a Trick Or Treat freebie set for you to grab, so you can be ready for Halloween. 
Just click on the image to download this set.

It will be available soon on TPT but Educlips followers will get a head start on it and can download it now.

There will be another freebie to compliment this set on Thursday.

Tune in tomorrow for another giveaway!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Giveaway Week Day 1!

Today is the first day of Educlips Giveaway Week and we'll be starting off with a contest. 

You can win a $25 gift certificate to the Educlips Store.

All you have to do is guess the weight of the husband! There are no clues. All I can tell you as that he is somewhere between 5ft and 7ft so you can use that info to help you. He will not be offended, so give it your best guess.

When you have decided how heavy he is, just fill out this quick form by hitting this link to submit your answer:

You only have 48 hours to guess! The winner will be notified on Wednesday. Good luck!

Tomorrow there will be a freebie to grab.

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Giveaway Week!

To celebrate Educlips' new blog, it's going to be 'Giveaway Week' starting on Monday, September 22nd.
There's going to be contests, gift certificates and free graphics sets to giveaway! 
There's something everyday. So get your game hat on and make a little time to join in the fun!
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Freebie Friday Graphic and Sad Monster!

Happy Friday everyone!

This week's Freebie Friday graphic is a Native American kids image. It's Native American Day on September 26th. Just click on the image to go to clipart:

On a slightly different note, I recently did a set of happy little monsters here:

As you can see, they are all happy little guys but did you know that monsters can be sad too?
Here's a free sad monster for you to grab. Just right click, copy and paste to your documents:
(TOU apply)

Thanks for visiting!

New Sets: Pumpkin Life Cycle & Ice Cream Bundles

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's Halloween-Mania!

New Halloween sets are available today all at 50% off for the first 48 hours:

Head over to the EDUCLIPS STORE
or to the Educlips Halloween Section at TPT to grab them.

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Welcome to Educlips Brand New Blog!

Welcome to the new Educlips Blog. This blog is all about Educlips Design! It will include everything clipart related and I'll throw in personal insights, drawings, ideas, contests and giveaways.

If you're a clipart addict, then you'll want to tune in and check out what is in store. Don't forget to hit that 'B' for Bloglovin' to follow and enjoy this Educlips adventure!

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