Tuesday, November 29, 2022

How To Use Coloring By Code Images

I love these graphics because they are super flexible and easy to use for so many activities.

The images are already broken into sections so you can add a puzzle question to each space for students to solve and color.

The activity allows for repetitive practice in a fun way, as well as allowing for practice using fine motor skills and following directions.

They are basic, traditional activities that offer an opportunity to practice and develop a variety of different skills. They are also super absorbing for kids and are great to offer as an extension activity after they have finished other work in the classroom.

And they were super easy to create! I created this activity in 15 minutes.

First, I dragged the B&W image into Powerpoint.

I created a color key on the right so students will know which color represents each number. (I have plenty of options for crayon/pencil images in the Educlips store.)

I used text boxes to add number sentences for students to solve. I layered them over each space. I copied and pasted some of the number sentences to make sure students get some repetition.

I saved the document as a PDF and secured it, and then printed it.

Then it's ready to color!

You don't have to use numbers. You can use letters or images as well to make other types of puzzles.

These types of activities can be for personal use with your own students or you can create them as commercial products. Just be sure to add your own text or numbers before selling or sharing.


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