Friday, October 10, 2014

New - 10 Nursery Rhyme Sets

New today! 
10 nursery rhyme sets.

The Mega Bundle containing all 10 is available only at the Educlips Store. Click on this image to check it out:

The sets are all available at the EDUCLIPS STORE in today's 'featured products'.

Also available individually at TPT:


  1. Hi Sarah! I love love love your graphics - they just kind of make me happy! I am a teacher who loves being creative and especially loves incorporating technology into my teaching. Two years ago I started on TpT creating and selling Smartboard files. I purchased your kwanzaa and hanukah set last year and I work *very* hard to secure the graphics - taking lots of screen shots and adding text where I can under the clip art before reinserting it into the smartboard file. I also create slides with all of the pieces that don't need to move and then take a screen shot of those and reinsert them to minimalize anyone reusing the graphics for their own purpose. The pieces that are moveable on the smartboard I make sure that I do screen shots of those as well usually with a box or text around them. All of that to say, I have read your terms of use and always want to err on the side of caution and often this means it adds an addition 5-7 hours onto my creative process but I feel better doing that. I would like to purchase many more of your items - especially the entire nursery rhyme set but wanted to confirm with you that you are okay with me using your clipart in smartboard files knowing that I am going out of my way to flatten and secure them as much as possible. I also put a disclaimer at the end of my products telling people to respect the rights of artists and sellers on TpT by not reusing anything. It is always tough though because I know people probably buy any product on TpT and share it with their teacher friends etc so I don't think any seller every has any 100% guarantee but I just want to be respectful of your hard work and double check with you before I purchase any more items. You can email me at or reply here. Here is a link to the kwanzaa product I created with your clip art.
    I have just moved from Texas to Germany for my husband's job and as such am not teaching right now so I really want to focus on expanding my TpT business - as a creative outlet for me, a way to help our household income and a way to stay sane while living in a foreign country! (LOL - don't get me wrong, I love traveling and seeing other parts of the world but have quickly learned that visiting a foreign country is quite different than living in a foreign country!)
    As I mentioned, would love to purchase pretty much everything in your store (lol - can you tell I am a fan!) but it would be contingent on you knowing that I would be using them to create smartboards and sometimes some of the pieces would have to be moveable on the smartboard. Thanks for any feedback and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    1. No problem, Leigh! Enjoy using them! Thanks for your kind words. I sure appreciate it!
      Sarah :)

  2. These are wonderful! My mind is already spinning with ideas for future creations! I love your clip art....many clip artists come and go as my favorites but your file in my "Creation" folder is the largest! Thank you for continuing to create awesome clip art!

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! :)